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Front Lower Strut Brace -  The only micra brace you need

Track tested, with video
Suits ARB type

K10 Front Lower Strut Brace

  • The most valuable strut brace you can buy for your Micra

    Why? This adds some strength to the weakest point on the car.

    The chassis section where your front wishbone mounts can be seen visibly flexing when adding high loads in corners, adding a brace reduces this and keeps your geometry in check. There's NO OTHER BRACE that makes as much difference as this one. Really there isn't


    We've thoroughly track tortured a bunch of Micras to find these results, the one pictured can be seen in various track videos before and after to show the flex movement in the lower mount points. Dont let others fool you into thinking other lower braces make a good difference, they don't

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