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The Pre-LP 2004-2008 Gallardo has a common issue with it's rear bumper reinforcement frame so this all aluminium frame has been created to replace it eliminating the fear of losing a grill and no more cracked tabs

What is it for? It is the structure behind your rear bumper responsible for mounting the bumper itself, the grills and exhaust vents.


Why do I need one? The original OEM part is made from brittle plastic which fatigues and cracks, it's extremely common. The tabs snap off meaning you could lose a grill or an exhaust vent. Your rear bumper could also sag as a result for the lower frame losing structure


How does it fit? This is designed to be a direct replacement for the OEM structure. However, design changes have been made as such the mounting points have altered. Fitting is relatively simple but it is recommended you have a local workshop do the exchange for you, or at least a spare pair of hands to help


What's included? You get the all aluminium frame, bumper fitment clips and hardware. Also included is new spring clips to replace any old and tired clips on the back end to ensure that everything is safe and secure


Where do you ship? This can be shipped worldwide and is shipped in a wooden crate to protect it for overseas travels

Gallardo Bumper Reinforcement Frame/Skeleton


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