K11 Micra CG Induction Kit

Up to 10 working days to be created, see lead time section for more info

K11 Induction Kit (Tube only)

  • Have your own hoses and filters? Just need the shiny metal bit? Well here you are


    Designed for our Induction kit to suit any CG equipped K11


    70mm Bore Stainless Steel tubing

    TIG Welded


    Has a simple bracket attached to stop it moving around in the engine bay, utilising a bracket every CG engine has. (Please note, the mouting bracket uses the same bracket as the OEM airbox this can be easily bent out of position. If upon fitting your induction tube it isnt sitting correctly, tweak that little bracket into place)


    The filter stops behind the battery where the airstream was designed to flow from factory. This can be enhanced with our air stream kit.  Please allow up to 5 working days for this to be produced


    Unlike other systems on the market this one avoids all factory extras like power steering units, air con pipe work and charcoal canisters


    This can be used through the inner wing to join into an intercooler setup for a turbo application, with no sharp unnecessary bends, this smooth flow, high volume kit is the right choice