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Our range of Services at FURY AutoWorx include:

Custom Part Fabrication - Engine Conversions

Chassis Fabrication - Roll Cage & Tube Construction

Forced Induction Conversion - Exhaust Systems

Exotic and Supercars are catered for from chassis repair, to obsolete part replacement or repair. Engine rebuilds and bespoke part fabrication

Contact us today for any requirements you may have.

From £70 per hour



There's not much we haven't stuck a turbo on. Even the lawnmower at home got a dose of the boost.

We've added turbo's and superchargers to many things in the past. This experience combined with our fabrication skills means we can help you with your boost plans.

 Each application is unique so get in touch


From drop in swap to full custom chassis changes. We've been there and literally got a T-Shirt

Whilst not every conversion is a straight forward plug in, we create new subframes and mounts where necessary to mount our engine of choice

From basic displacement upgrades from the same family of cars to complete chassis rework to convert from front engine to mid engine, rear or even 4 wheel drive

Roll cages, Frames & Panel Construction

Whether its a Harness Bar or a Roll Cage. A custom subframe or suspension component. FURY AutoWorx has you covered.

If it's made from a tube we can create it. Tube front ends, roll cages, chassis, wishbones. It's all possible

This includes repair of worn or damaged parts including chassis.

Exhaust Manifolds & systems

We can create you complete exhaust systems from manifolds to box removals

De-cat pipes and sports cat pipes

Long tube headers to X-Pipe cat-back systems

Made from Stainless Steel and Titanium on request

If you're wanting an exhaust system that stands out in the crowd then send us your ideas today

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