Our range of Services at FURY AutoWorx include:

Custom Part Design & Fabrication

Engine Conversions

Chassis Design & Fabrication

Roll Cage & Panel Construction

Forced Induction Conversion

CAD Design & Rapid 3D Prototyping

Corner Weighting & Alignment

Supplied Part Fitting

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifolds & Systems


Contact us today for any requirements you may have.

Workshop Labour Rate - £40 per hour



There's not much we haven't stuck a turbo on. Even the lawnmower at home got a dose of the boost.

We've added turbo's and superchargers to many things in the past. This experience combined with our fabrication skills means we can help you with your boost plans.

Starting from £150 for a manifold, or £1500 for a bolt on service. Each application is unique so get in touch


From drop in swap to full custom chassis changes. We've been there and literally got a T-Shirt

Whilst not every conversion is a straight forward plug in, we create mounts from scratch without harming your chassis to make your conversion literally bolt in where we can.

From £400 for a drop out/drop in engine, or £800 starting price for a custom engine conversion (driveline conversions excluded)

Roll cages, Frames & Panel Construction

Whether its a Harness Bar or a Roll Cage. A custom subframe or suspension component. FURY AutoWorx has you covered.

We've had great success in our custom components. From Design right through to Completion you can be assured with our experience, great attention to detail and quality simply not available with our competitors

There's no fixed price on custom components. Our workshop hourly rate of £40 applies to these. We may have made what you're looking for before. Just ask

Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifolds & systems

Whilst Exhausts were not our speciality. Our Customers have demanded that we turn our skills to this area. Since then we've created everything from Backboxes, Cat Back Systems, 421 manifolds. Its rapidly becoming a speciality of ours

From £60 for a backbox setion, £180 for a Cat Back System or £400 for a Full system inc Manifold.

It's definitely worth asking what we can do for you


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Twin Turbo V12 Build

Twin turbo V12 in a scratch built chassis